Fractures are common injuries that occur more frequently than one might think.

Both children and seniors face a higher risk of experiencing fractures due to children engaging in play and the decreased bone density associated with aging in the elderly. However, fractures can affect individuals of any age. The most prevalent occurrences involve the ankles, wrists, forearms, and the vertebrae in the back.

The area and harshness of the bone fracture determine whether the healing process requires a splint, cast, or surgery. However, to identify the fracture’s nature and receive appropriate medical attention, you must visit Gam-Med.

Gam-Med Urgent Care: Your All-Family Walk-In Clinic

Urgent care for broken bones is important for several reasons:

Immediate Attention

Urgent care facilities are equipped to provide prompt attention to injuries. Broken bones require timely evaluation and treatment to prevent complications and ensure proper healing.

Pain Management

Broken bones can be extremely painful. Urgent care centers can provide pain relief measures, such as immobilization, splinting, or medication, to help alleviate discomfort.

Diagnostic Services

Urgent care facilities often have on-site diagnostic services like X-rays, which are crucial for identifying the location and severity of the fracture. This information is essential for determining the appropriate course of treatment.

Specialized Care

While not as comprehensive as an emergency room, urgent care centers have medical professionals who can handle common fractures and injuries. They can stabilize the injury and provide initial treatment, and they can also refer patients to orthopedic specialists or the emergency room if necessary.


Urgent care centers typically offer extended hours and walk-in services, providing greater convenience compared to scheduling an appointment with a primary care physician. This is especially important when dealing with acute injuries that require immediate attention.


Utilizing urgent care for non-life-threatening injuries, such as broken bones, can be more cost-effective than going to the emergency room. Emergency room visits are generally more expensive, and urgent care centers often have transparent pricing.

Prevention of Complications

Swift attention to a broken bone can help prevent complications such as infections or improper healing. Setting the bone correctly and providing appropriate care in a timely manner contribute to a better overall outcome.

Faster Recovery

Getting prompt care for a broken bone can contribute to a faster and more successful recovery. Proper initial treatment can minimize pain, reduce swelling, and promote the healing process.

  • It’s important to note that while urgent care is suitable for many types of fractures, severe or complex cases may still require evaluation and treatment in an emergency room or by a specialist.
  • Always use your judgment and seek emergency care if the injury is severe, involves multiple fractures, or if there are signs of other serious complications.

Which is the more suitable option for a fracture: seeking care at the Emergency Room (ER) or visiting Urgent Care?

The choice between seeking care at the Emergency Room (ER) or visiting Urgent Care depends on the severity and nature of the fracture.

Here are some general guidelines:

Emergency Room (ER)

  • Severe Fractures: If the fracture is severe, involves multiple bones, or is an open fracture with the bone piercing through the skin, you should go to the ER.
  • Joint Fractures: Fractures involving joints may require specialized care and are often best treated in the ER.
  • Head, Neck, or Spine Injuries: Fractures in these areas can be serious and may need immediate attention in the ER.

Urgent Care

  • Minor Fractures: If the fracture is minor, like a hairline fracture or a small, non-displaced fracture, Urgent Care may be an appropriate choice.
  • Simple Fractures: Some fractures, especially those that are straightforward and do not hinder movement, can be managed at Urgent Care.
  • Follow-up Care: If you’ve already received initial treatment for a fracture and need follow-up care, Urgent Care may be suitable for non-emergency situations.

The professionals at Gam-Med Urgent Care are available to evaluate and diagnose fractures.

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